Special Event

Satellite session

FAO EFC WG1 special session on "Forest and water in mountain catchments: education, citizen science, and mountain partnership".

Session chair: Professor Josef Krecek, Technical University, Prague, professor Eero Kubin, University of Oulu, Finland


Organised in co-operation with the Scientific Subcommittee of Future Study of the Hungarian Academy
of Science IX. Section of Economics and Law - including sociology, demography and political sciences

Convener: Prof. Klára Szita Tóthné (University of Miskolc, Miskolc) Co-convener: Prof. János Mika (Eszterhazy Karoly University, Eger)

Besides the numerous particular sciences, the so called future studies tackles its subject in a complex manner. Though, it is almost impossible to foresee everything, not dealing with our future would threaten us with losing perspectives and building upon obsolete bases in prompt reactions. Education is the first occasion where the youngest generations meet their chances to achieve best alternatives of future, together with examples to act for this future in the present.
The Session entitled above invites studies which point at performed or elaborated educational projects and surveys, joining any focused segment of future with the expected present actions. Besides the future of the environment, influenced by complex interactions of the three pillars of sustainability, i.e. economy, society and the environment, itself, further foci are warmly welcome where environment is just one of the factors influencing our future. This particular section is open for on-line registration until April 18.